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Delivery & Shipping


Delivery is free for Singapore mainland and Sentosa for any orders over SG$ 300. Orders below this amount will be charged at SG$ 60 per delivery (up to 10 cases). For any additional delivery service an extra fee of SG$ 60 per delivery point will be applicable.

Delivery time  from Monday to Friday 10:00 am – 5:00pm, except weekend and public holiday: AM delivery on to CBD or West of Singapore, and PM delivery to all area including Sentosa.

Please note that any request for a specific time delivery will have an extra cost of SG$ 35; Delivery to Airport at an extra SG$ 35 (based on their standard delivery hours, if not extra cost on a separate quote will be provided). For urgent delivery i.e. same day, please expect to add SG$ 75.



The Corney & Barrow shipping team works closely with our selected freight forwarders and those responsible for the delivery to your home or storage facility. Singapore Shipping Service provides refrigerated shipment of wines from the UK. Shipments take approximately six weeks and run at regular intervals throughout the year. 


UK to Singapore shipping service costs SG$ 50 nett per case (12 bottles) for shipments of 6 cases or more and SG$ 95 nett per case (12 bottles) for shipments of 5 cases and under. Wines to be shipped from other merchant are at SG$ 22 per case per item on top of shipping costs.

These prices include full insurance and door-to-door delivery.


UK to Singapore air shipping service costs SG$ 155 nett per case (12 bottles) for shipments of 1 to 4 cases; SG$ 135 nett per case (12 bottles) for shipments of 5 to 9 cases and SG$ 115 nett per case (12 bottles) for any shipment of 10 cases or above. 


For more information on delivery, please contact